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Latest News: Angel Locsin, to do Darna Movie in 2012

First Here! While we have reported that Angel Locsin has confirmed plans of doing another movie after In the Name of Love and that the movie could possibly be “Maalaala Mo Kaya the movie“. We could now see a possibility of Angel Locsin doing another movie – but this time it won’t be like we never saw her before.

Because Angel Locsin is said to topbill in a film adaptation or rather a movie remake of Mars Ravelo’s “Darna“.

Rumors started when Abs-cbn adprom head director Eric John Salut (@ericjohnsalut) tweeted that Abs-cbn acquired the rights of 13 Mars Ravelo titles.

“ABS-CBN acquires exclusive rights to 13 Mars Ravelo titles. Darna, Dyesebel, Jack En Jill to name a few”.

Either of the 13 titles are slated for release on tv or the big screen but one thing has to be certain – Angel Locsin has got to be billed as Narda/Darna. We want Abs-cbn’s Darna to hit the big screen. For it will definitely cause a big buzz in the local cinema.How much more if screened internationally?

Darna’s powers include flight, super strength, super speed and near-invulnerability. We believe it’s about time for a “Darna movie”, don’t you? Tell us in the comments below and spread the word for a better convo.

You might be wondering why “2012″? Well the list of 2011 pinoy movies is almost complete because of the release of the 8 official entries for the 37th metro manila film festival which will most likely drive the attention of people. A Darna movie would be great on MMFF by next year. I can’t wait!

Article Source: Angel Locsin Official Facebook Fanpage


Anonymous said...

hi! dunno if this will ever materialize

but if ever there will be a new Darna movie then definitely Angel's the most perfect choice

without a doubt if only our local writers and directors can come up with something really outstanding and of course the right special effects and all the stunt directors do their part, anybody who's seen Angel esp in Asian Treasures before know what she can do in the action genre

we trust it can even be marketed abroad despite having Wonder Woman similarities
there's always room for another superheroine as long as they plan it really well

Anonymous said...

bagay ang darna for angel

Anonymous said...

yes, its time for us filipinos to show to the world who our heroine when it comes to fantasy action FILM featuring the internationally acclaimed emmy's best actress nominee, MS. ANGEL LOCSIN, and believe me the world will know that filipinos can do it, we have roosters of talents. lets make darna the movie abs-cbn, and it must be topbilled by our very own the beautiful in and out MS. ANGEL LOCSIN

Anonymous said...

of course if its either a darna movie or in tv the best choice for the role is non other than angel locsin because it really suit her as a person which close to darna character which is humble, good person and kind.

Anonymous said...

Angel's back in "Darna" shape but we're all still waiting. it's got to be a movie because it's been a while since a Darna movie has been shown.No doubt her international Emmy's nomination esp for a kind of superheroine role in Lobo is actually good for the publicity, if we try selling it abroad too. A tv series is also a good idea because let's face it, it would be much easier to market this abroad than a movie, commercially because of our cost limitations and the scope of a movie requires a bigger budget to be international movie standard worthy. Either way, Angel is the perfect choice and every local fan of action hero movies would love to see Angel doing this
it's both an adult and kiddie treat. They can even input world issues here like global warming and its effects where we know Angel herself is always one of the first to do something to help, just like the superheroine roles she's played, she's a true to life hardworking heroine helping others

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