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Fashion Designer - Marc Jacob

Fashion is powerful, in the sense of knowing you in the first time they saw you in the street. You don’t need a great fashion style as long as you represent yourself based on your personality. You can also choose your fashion style based on the hottest pick every season. Sometimes you can get your fashion style based on your favourite fashion designer or what clothing line she/he may be launched. For me, I like Marc by Marc Jacobs clothing line, because his materials are really great. When he said that these clothing lines are 100% cotton, I believed it because it’s really true. Men and women would love him because he has great taste in fashion. He also offers Marc Jacobs handbags for women to add spice to the fashion taste of every woman. Fashion styles come and go, so you need to adjust your sense of fashion if you want to get “in” in the fashion world.


Greg Chua said...

First of all I want to congratulate Marc Jacob for being one of the most fashion designers. I agreed that fashion is powerful; in the sense of knowing you in the first time they saw you in the street.

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