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Valeria Lukyanova - Is She a Human Barbie Doll Look a Like?

Are you obsessed in having a perfect look? Well, this 21 year old Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova is a perfect Barbie doll look a like. Some people are trying to alter with plastic surgery just to get a perfect look. They don't satisfy on what God's given to them. They would like to transform themselves. They don’t look natural anymore because they look like a different person.

Valeria Lukyanova denies having plastic surgery, her before and after photos proves otherwise. She became an internet sensation because of her doll-like features and seemingly perfect looks.

Does she look freakish? Many people are surprised that a young woman could outrageously transform herself right into a living doll.

There have been various criticisms about her look and mostly, they may be negative. Some individuals think she doesn’t look human anymore. Some find her ridiculous. Doctors bring to mind her case as some kind of identity crisis. She'd numerous plastic surgeries, above from the average cases. This is usually a sign of sickness.

A lot of adults believe that she’s not a good role model for youths. And I guess she does. She encourages cosmetic plastic surgery at a young age and she creates a false belief that having this perfect look requires help from cosmetic doctors. It could also promote anorexia for teens. Teenagers strive to achieve a thin figure and it results into a low self esteem for teenagers when they couldn’t achieve that look.

We should respect her own decision. She is also a person with feelings and she also needs our understanding.

We keep in mind that beauty is more than skin deep. Being a beautiful is seen inside and out and is what matters the most. Let us be contented with our God given looks to us and make the most out of it.


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