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Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto VS Mon Tulfo in NAIA 3 Airport Fist Fight

This video is instantly caught the attention of the public and trended in social networking sites. The lovely couple, Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto arrived in the NAIA - 3 airport from Boracay. While Mon Tulfo arrived in the said airport from Davao City.

They are both public figure and it was a scandalous showdown. I feel sorry to Santiago's family because it was seen by their kids during that time.

According to the official police report from Lt. Demetrio Sison, assistant OIC, Airport Police Intelligence and Investigation Division.

"Celebrity couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto with their children and two other companions arrived from Boracay, boarded from Cebu Pacific Flight 5J-896, around 11:30 in the morning. Tulfo also arrived from Davao City. While the two groups were retrieving their luggage on parallel conveyors, a Cebu Pacific staff told Claudine that hers was left behind at Iloilo airport. This upset the actress and demanded an explanation from the airline crew. The Cebu Pacific crew replied, “Sorry ma’am your luggage was left behind in Boracay but we are doing our best to load it in our next flight.” Claudine was said to be scolding the crew in a loud voice prompting Tulfo to fish out his mobile phone and take pictures. Someone from the group of Claudine informed Raymart that Tulfo had been listening and documenting the altercation, and Raymart approached the newsman and demanded that he delete the pictures, but Tulfo refused, triggering the brawl".

The both parties have bruises and were hurt but the brawl is now under investigation with a hope that a third party witness or witnesses would surface.


Anonymous said...

Mon Tulfo wanted to have a juicy scoop at the expense of CLaudine and Raymart. We all know how abrasive the tulfo brothers can be. They are respected journalists. The public tolerates their methods of interrogation when they use it on drug syndicates and corrupt officials but this is a simple customer relations problem between a customer (claudine) and the provider (cebu pac as represented by the desk officer). Even if MOn tulfo wanted to defend the lady at the desk as he so vehemntly claims, he still has no right taking pictures or videos of the actress presumably with intent to use it in a malicious TV report that would only put the person in a bad light. If he did throw the first punch then he deserved what he got... If not, he still deserved to be hit for not minding his own business. Not everything is a news story. JSUT think of TMZ and how annoying the paparazzo must be for celebritites.

Jevelme Frago said...

Thanks Anonymous for dropping a comment. We're all hoping that both parties would agree and settle down on what was happening to them.

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